iphone 4g

iphone 4g ... I-pad

What the hell happened here?  Did Apple just release a new i-phone?  No, wait that’s just the new i-pad, but it sure looks like a mumbo jumbo i-phone.  Here’s a thought, download skype and have a wi-fi connection and boom you got yourself a glorified brand new i-phone.  Here is how I would see the infomercial go down Here’s how it works, you come into your neighborhood Apple store 60 days from now, we’ll charge you $499 for your brand new MUCH bigger i-phone, Impressed? Don’t miss out because the public eye might catch on soon enough and you won’t be the coolest of he coolest anymore unless you have your new i-pad ehhemm I mean i-phone or err umm i-pad.  But wait there’s MOREEE!!!  Not only will we charge you more for your new generation i-phone we will give you more storage, so don’t think your getting ripped off here… ** small disclaimer,( 499 gets you the 16GB same size as the i-phone 3G and 3Gs).

But wait just a moment Josh.. theres MOREEEEEEEEEEE, just for kicks we’ll throw you a dock connector to USB cable, just for the hell of it.  Act now and you will also have to protect that investment with a case, All cases sold separately.

All kidding set aside, Apple Really?  I can’t believe you’re actually going to attempt this feat yet again, you tried back in the 90’s and people were saying it was a”gadget ahead

apple newton

Apple Newton... FLOP

of its time”(Those who actually remember this) the Apple Newton back in 1993.  Why do you feel the need to glorify the I-phone?  I don’t see this product taking any wind in trying to pick up any new customers, maybe just those that were too blind to read an i-phone or those that had to fat of fingers.  That’s it?  They made this for the fat fingered blind person.  Wake up and smell the coffee people, Apple you too tablets are nothing new and apparently you think they will rock!

I might be wrong, but from reading all morning about it and seeing the buzz around it, I just don’t see it to really take off. NOT TO MENTION,this will be offered in two categories, Wi-Fi which is no surprise there and 3G andwho might you think will provide that 3-G service, you guess it AT&T… ahh and the story goes on.  Apple Newton FLOP!  Apple I-pad…. FLOP.

What do you think?  What are your thoughts and ideas of what the I-pad will bring.

Dock connector to USB cable