Google Buzz Blows

Google Buzz Blows

Why is Google trying to be Twitter?  Are they mad that they didn’t come up with the idea of what Twitter does, first?  I think they are just trying to get into a realm which they don’t know anything about, and have no reason being there in the first place.   Google, listen up, focus your efforts on the some what crappy product that you have already shoved under the table… I’m talking about Wave ya dumb @ss’s.  You need to stop trying to “be” other people.  Let twitter have their space and facebook theirs.  Drive your efforts towards innovative ideas of your own, like Google Wave.  As of today, I’m turning off Google Buzz and never flipping that switch back to on again.  Buzz BLOWS, thats the bottom line.  Mashable on the other hand has some different opinions

Buzz... Nope Blows

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As soon as Buzz was introduced and I was bombarded by a stupid screen that said activate “buzz” I was all sorts of excited. That feeling you get when you walk into a toy store when you are a kid, that’s the feeling I got when I saw it for the first time. My Google Buzz balloon was popped as soon as I said activate.

I have some major concerns with Buzz.

Privacy Concerns
My Gmail account is directly linked to my Buzz account. Friends of friends can see my e-mail account if the person I’m “buzzing” with (So stupid by the way) is sharing their friends list. NOT cool. Your choices are show my friends to other friends or don’t show my friends to other friends WTF google.

Easy All-In one place?
If anything, this makes the idea of having more shit attached to G-mail a turn off, I mean you have G-mail and G-Chat and G-video chat. How many G’s can you fit in one spot, no pun intended haha 🙂  I want e-mail!!! is that so hard these days!  I don’t even use G-chat through the G-mail interface.  For simplicity purposes and having everything in one spot, how about using Digsby takes all your social media, chat and e-mail and slaps it together in one place.  Buzz does nothing more than make my head spin when I see it attached with my e-mail.

I’ve given my BRIEF synopsis, and the bottom line is as follows.  If you use google Buzz I will not be your friend!  If you ask me to re-join Google buzz I will shame you on my blog.  If you tell me how much you like google Buzz I will shame you on my blog.  Pretty much if you don’t see it my way, you will be shamed 🙂 If you know anything about my Photoshop skillz you’d probably not want to disagree.