Going to school to be a graphic designer was a decision I made my freshman year of college. Graphic design seemed to be a good fit for my love of computers and my love for art. I was certain that this was going to be the path I was going to take in life that would lead me to a fulfilling career path as well as being very successful.

In my first years in the professional field of graphic design in Chicago I soon realized I was missing something. Graphic design all on its own will not bring my career to that satisfactory level I was hoping for, front end web development was going to be key in making sure that succeed in my path. Being part of a somewhat successful business website overhaul really showed me what it will take to bring it to the next level. This is when I discovered what a CMS is and started to dabble with this very working platform (wordpress). It seemed to be a good fit but I was not able to extend the platform with my little experience to the build a robust website with rich content. It felt at the time more like “great this is just a blog” hence wordpress’s famous default tag line “This is just another wordpress blog”

Over the last 5 years I was able to develop the skills necessary to understand and stretch the abilities of wordpress to build e-commerce websites, blogs as well as a website for your business all on this very platform you see today. Unfortunately, shortly after my discovery of this great CMS and starting to rip it up on the site, I had to relay on this for a source of income and portfolio development due to being “let go” from my first gig out of college. Okay okay okay I get it what the hell does this have to do with design?

Simply put, design was shortly realized as a career path I was not going to take in life. I needed to find a niche with my skill set that will give me greater satisfaction as well as bigger end benefit. I realized I had a particular skill set that let me communicate between that of technology and marketing and I needed to grab hold of that and shine! Project management has showed me that I can combine the skills gained as a designer/developer and apply that to more practical and productive career.

Currently I’m doing work which just more solidifies why I got out of this designer path. My expereince here over the last 5 have opened up my eyes yet again as to why doing strictly design work is not fun and here is why.

Desgin Process

From the perspective of a designer this is just the every day life. It’s unfortunate that everyone thinks they are a designer and has a say in what is to get done. Why have a designer that understands front end development and data if your not going to take the advice and direction given. This was the constant frustration I have dealt with in my short lived career thus far.

Any designers feel free to share your experiences and let us know what you do to ease the pain of this vicious endless cycle