This is great news, apple just released their iOS 4.3 a few days early of the new iPad. But is this really a good thing?

It will be interesting to see over the next week or so what the outcome will be of users who actually buy an iPad with 3g capabilities. With apple releasing their new OS we got a few screenshots of whats to come (care of

With Apple hinting that at SOME POINT they will be offering data HotSpot for the iphone, my question is why would anyone with 1) an iphone 4 buy the ipad with 3g and 2) why anyone with ANY smartphone that has hotspot capabilites buy an ipad with 3g?

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Here is my take on this. If you already have a smartphone with hotspot capabilities anyway you should not buy the ipad with 3g, reason being is the hotspot will offer you so much more with the ability to teather more than one device at a time. Ipad with 3g just gives you internet on the go.. BIG WHOOP!

Here is the breakdown
iPad 16GB WiFi model is 499
iPad 32GB WiFi model is 599
iPad 64GB WiFi model is 699

iPad 16GB 3G (AT&T or Verizon) model is 629
iPad 32GB 3G (AT&T or Verizon) model is 729
iPad 16GB 3G (AT&T or Verizon) model is 829

Each level up in memory comparing WiFi v.s 3G data is aprox 129 dollars difference in price.

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Obviously AT&T appears to be only offering 2 types of data plans for the ipad 3g vs verizon is giving you many more options but nothing unlimited… No Surprise there.

For example I have a sprint Evo with HotSpot capabilities which is allowing me to connect up to 8 devices and have 2GB of transfer a month for only 25 dollars seems in line with what AT&T offers in terms of the iPad data packages.

All of us are wondering what the data plans will be for the iPhone 4 data packages and we probably can see much of the same data plans available for the iPhone as we do for the iPad.

Lets say for all purposes we take the 2GB of transfer a month with the AT&T Ipad 3g and compare that to a probable iPhone4 hotspot pricing model. Say for instance the Iphone 4 hot spot offers us 2GB of transfer for 30 dollars a month, well your better off with the Ipad right, save $5 dollars a month? WRONG! The difference in price for the WiFi iPad and that of the 3G is 129 dollars that means the extra 5 bucks a month for a two years equates to the difference in the 3g iPad and the WiFi.

In all honesty who in the right mind thinks that something better wont be out within the next two years better screen resolution? more memory? 3-D? No one really knows the answer but I’m curious as to what the rest of you think when it comes to this purchase.

Maybe some of you don’t give a hoot and you have no intention on even buying an iPad2 but it is interesting to think about.