Being one of many Chicago based freelancers it poses difficulty at times letting my audience know the difference between what a good web developer and web designer is and sifting out the bad seeds. The Chicago based freelance industry is overwhelming at times and knowing what the right choice for you is going to be a difficult choice to make.

I have built technologically advanced business platforms using DNN as a core component of daily output. Embrace content management systems, they will help you ( hopefully my client) better assist your customers. I have spent countless hours researching applications and expanded expertise in web design and user interface design sensibility. My extensive knowledge of wordpress has taken my understanding of what it takes to build excellent websites consumes much of my spare time.

Having a structure to build my design or code my next project is an area where others seem to fall short. If you talk to a potential freelancer most of the time the responsibility falls on their shoulders to ask you the right question. Lets face it we are the professionals and we should know the questions to ask, your seeking out our help. Don’t let my Chicago based address fool you, working with clients all over the united states is important, Have advanced knowledge of web analytics and keen insight into the importance of SEO as it pertains to building revenue for business.


Over the last eight years, developed a solid foundation in the current front end technologies, WordPress, PHP, CSS(3), SQL, DotNetNuke (DNN), HTML 5, JAVA and JavaScript. Built technologically advanced business platforms using WordPress in addition DNN as a core component of daily output. Create project plans using both SDLC methodologies as well as propriety methods used by current employer. Researched and vetted new WordPress applications and expanded expertise in web design and user interface design sensibility. Have advanced knowledge of web analytics and keen insight into the importance of SEO as it pertains to building revenue for business.

Technical Skills

Software:Apache; Adobe suite (Illustrator, Photoshop, Fireworks, Live, Dreamweaver), Various FTP clients; mySQL; Homesite; Mercurial; SVN; IntelliJ; Eclipse; Quark; VisualStudio; FinalCut Pro.

Languages: HTML5; CSSs; WordPress; PHP; DNN(DotNetNuke); Stripes(Stripes Templating) PHP; JavaScript; Mootools; JQuery; limited SQL. Certificates: Javascript; Adobe Photoshop.


Gamma Partners LLC. Project Manager/Business Analyst/Designer 06/09 – Present

Project Manager

  • Building scope of projects including budgets and timelines
  • Developed an extensive reporting system for compiling monthly Google Analytics for completed and ongoing projects
  • Run training sessions which include documentation explaining to use of WordPress and DNN
  • QA testing of all changes before production releases with comprehensive test scripts that coincide with DNN module settings
  • Lead weekly status meetings with clients and GammaPartners to review itemized tasks for each week
  • Building project requirements documents and translating business needs to developers
  • Understand and explain wireframes from designer to developer

Font End development

  • Run, create, test and deploy an E-mail marketing campaign for over 40,000 users
  • Built functional prototypes for usability testing
  • Create and implement blogging platforms built on the wordpress framework
  • Configure and develop plugins for the wordpress platform
  • Implemented designers needs using DNN as our desired open source platform
  • Cross browser testing of all developed content
  • Understand and develop enriched content for site specific DNN modules
  • Build DNN skins from scratch using DNN controls to layout user friendly designs

Business Analyst

  • Analyze campaigns within Test and Target to adjust user expereince on the web
  • Research keyword phrases
  • Research and determine the best possible DNN modules based on budget concerns of clients
  • Advanced understanding when configuring modules such as, e-mail/SMS manager, form master, content management, calendar and events, Active Social/Forums, RSS, document repository and Ultra Flash player are just a few I use every day
  • Responsible for documenting and creating client tutorials and extensive help documents which show advanced settings of DNN modules
  • Work with SDLC processes and developed extensive project plans and requirements for projects
  • Lead research on best practices, development tools and oversee development team

FirstDIBZ (Formerly TicketRESERVE) Graphic Designer/Web Developer 01/07 – 10/08

Redesign website overhaul

  • Worked in an agile/collaborative environment with daily stand\
    up/scrum meetings
  • Took current design and analyzed what worked and what failed to implement new user interface
  • Created visual screen comps for marketing to decide what best fit customer
  • Analyzed current customers to develop personas to create smoother user experience
  • Used stripes templates for cleaner CSS and HTML code.

Front End user experience and web development

  • Utilized Google analytics to determine where customers were exiting the home page
  • Created table less design sub home pages
  • Worked with other web developer in efforts to push new re-design of website
  • Using JavaScript and JSTL manipulated dynamic data populated within JSP pages to end user