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Are you looking to freshen up your hard or soft media? Need a new eye catching logo for business? You have come to the right place!

Working in the Chicago land area for more than 8 years I have learned a few things about what the demands of clients are and how to adapt to their every need.  Being a freelance designer in Chicago I have my work cut out for me, but with the right knowledge I feel confident I can help you out with you Logo needs.

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What does my logo service offer?

  • Logo re-design
  • Logo creation through my logo design process
  • Branding your company
  • Business cards
  • Letterheads
  • Envelopes
  • And more…
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A logo is not just the stepping stone brand, creating a brand it also goes hand in hand with your identity. Keeping this idea in mind let’s define the key ingredients that make up this cocktail that creates your logo.

    • Your brand is the emotional feeling portrayed to your audience once they experience it for the first time
    • Your identity is the shapes or visuals that come together that create your brand as a whole
    • Your logo marries both your brand and identity producing what is seen to the customer.

So what is a Brand?

People tend to gravitate towards the notion that a brand consists of such elements as colors, fonts, a logo and possibly a slogan. It actually is more complex than this, one could say a brand is a corporate image. This then begs the question, “what is a corporate image?” Simply, it is everything a company does from what it owns produces and should be representative of the core values the business is trying to reflect to its customers.

So what is identity?

Identity in its simplest form is all centered around the visual aspects used within a company. Typically this is held to some set of guidelines. This structure gives the company the understanding of how to implement their identity through whatever medium they choose. These guidelines usually consist of approved fonts, layouts and applications and even approved color palettes. This ensures consistency when applied to different mediums, which in the long run keeps a business recognizable regardless of the application. This leads to the logo which is the corporate identity and brand all combined into a recognizable icon or marking. The logo symbolizes the business as a whole.

So what is a Logo?

Identification! Plain and simple, this identification is what is presented to the customer. It’s not to be confused with selling the company and in fact it might not even describe the business. Logos give the customers a reason to remember them and associate with them. What a logo means is far greater importance than that of its appearance.