Web Design

High quality web design services in Chicago

Are you looking for a new look to your website, do you want to create a fresh new layout that grabs your audience’s attention?  I can provide you with that eye catching design that will make your viewers coming back to see what’s new!  Web Design is great when it’s mixed with development, why not get the best of both worlds!

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What comes with my Web Design service?

  • Clean Layouts
  • Smooth interactions
  • Consideration for customer usability.
  • Content Managment System
  • Responsive Designs
  • Social media interaction
  • Blog
  • E-mail capturing for marketing
  • And more…
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Web design has seen its fair share of trends, and it is very interesting to look at what used to be the “in” thing. Every couple of years trends seem to come and go, very similar to fashion design. Web design is a far stretch to compare to fashion design, or is it?
Designing a website that fits your brand is an ongoing process. It’s hard to say that a website you build today will still hold its credibility even 2 years from now. Websites nowadays have a tendency to be morphing every couple of years to keep up with the ever changing demands of consumers.
Design in its simplest form is creating visual representation of some bit of information you want to portray to your audience. Don’t confuse graphic design with that of web design as they are on different ends.

So what is Web Design?

A few key ingredients that make a good web designer is understanding user experience, understanding the impacts of the design decisions you make both good and bad and understanding the audience you are trying to build a website for.
The user experience single handily is where to start. This process can even be created using wireframes with pen and paper or can be a fully designed graphic via your favorite graphics tool, there is even a hybrid of the two marrying an interactive wireframe concept using some nifty tools that turn those non textual boxes into clickable items. User experience though consists of understanding what elements should be placed where. If you put your navigation in different places on different pages you will more than likely lose that person as a customer but worse than that create a bad word of mouth relationship with their friends. It’s more than just oh I think it would look nice if we had a calendar or list of downloadable PDFS here. User experience while very important is difficult to perfect and master.
While wireframes might seem a thing of the past they are a crucial step in making sure time and money are not spent irresponsibly and in the end frustrating you in the long run.

How does Web development differ from Web Design?

This is a bigger hurdler to explain and from my perspective they go hand in hand. Someone who can design you a web site ( the creative piece, layout, colors, style guides) mixed with the ability to code the website is a diamond in the ruff! Making sure to stay current with today’s standards is one of my top priorities, keep up to date on the latest trends when it comes to coding a website is just as important is what graphically is going to pull someone in. Far to often I see “Web developer” postings on the internet only to find out they are using 10 year old technology! It’s hard for you to make a decision, because what they put on a website might seem pretty to a customer but on the back end is coded sloppy and YOU the client will never know.

Web development is important because it is the foundation that makes all the moving parts work together, WordPress is a framework which gives my clients the affordance of being able to be in control of what their customers see!